Kimihiko-MobGums tuning parts

Kimihiko-MobGums tuning parts

Rear differential parts


Product Price in Euros
ABEC bearings for 1/12 rear axle and diff 1/4x3/8 flanged, 10 pcs 19,00
Kimihiko/MobGums left 1/12 rear axle hub black, superstrong! 22,00
Kimihiko/MobGums right 1/12 rear axle hub black, superstrong! 24,00
Kimihiko/MobGums 1/12 rear axle full size socket black, lightweight 29,00


Front tuning springs, only works with 38mm wheels!


Product Price in Euros
Kimihiko/MobGums front springs 0,45mm (softer than CRC 0,45mm) 4,50
Kimihiko/MobGums front springs 0,425mm, supersoft! 4,50